How does that happen?

Whenever a friend or a colleague of my age or younger passes away, I am always left with a question: how does that happen?

It feels like it was only yesterday that we worked together, played together, and shared those laughters and tears together. No, it can’t be you leaving so soon. How does that happen?

I knew you’d been sick for a while. I knew you were getting weaker. But you’re just about my age. And if I am still making it here, why can’t I believe you are too?

But then you left. Just like that. And left me puzzled with questions:

How does that happen?

Why should you leave so soon?

Why numbers don’t always count?

When will it be my turn? Will I go as quietly as you did?

The questions (can) go on and on. And I don’t know if I will ever find the answers before I go. Perhaps it’s the going itself that’s the answer. And beyond that door, questions will be no more.

In memory of a colleague who recently passed away. May he rest in peace in the embrace of a loving God.